How to Buy a Dehumidifier

A house must have a humidity level of 30 to 50 percent. Too high a level of humidity can cause health problems and permanent damage to the home. However, you can adjust the humidity level of your home with Meaco Dehumidifiers, a machine that processes air with a fan and collects excess water. Before you buy a dehumidifier, you should compare the size, capacity and energy efficiency of each model.

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– Measure the space you want to reduce the humidity. You will need to convert measurements to square feet (30.5 cm) or square meters. For rectangles or squares, you can only multiply length measurements by width in feet (30.5 cm).

– Look for a dehumidifier model that can be placed on the table if you want to dry a small room. A room of 500 square feet (47 square meters) will require a dehumidifier that can process between 10 and 16 liters (4.7-7.6 l) of water within 24 hours.

– Choose a model that can process 14-23 liters (6.6-10.9 l) of water per hour for 1,000 square feet (93 square meters) of space. A floor model dehumidifier can work for 1 large room or several smaller rooms connected by a door or entrance.

– Upgrade to a dehumidifier that can process 18 to 30 liters (8.5-14.2 l) for a space of 1,500 square feet (139 square meters). These models can be as big as window air conditioners. If you plan to use a dehumidifier in several rooms, choose a model that has wheels so you can push it from room to room.

– Choose to buy an entire home humidifier if you have a room of 2,000 square feet (186 m square) or more. You can attach it to an existing air circulation system to get the best results. This tool will need to process between 22 and 44 liters (10.4-20.8 l) of water per day.