These Card And Coin Magic Tricks Might Impress Your Friends.

When you want to do card magic trick, prepare a set of quartet cards, shake it stylishly to make your appearance even more convincing. Ask a friend or volunteer to draw a card between the decks of the cards. He quite knows what they contain. Anyway, don’t forget to act like professional magicians, just like the best magician gold coast.

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Tell him to return the card on a pile of cards that you have collected. Silently try to look at the very bottom of the stack of cards. Don’t get caught, do it casually and quickly. Then, divide the card stack into two and move the deck of cards that were at the bottom to be up.

Open one by one stack of your cards. Don’t forget to act as if you are reading your friend’s memories. Keep opening until you find the bottom card that you peeked in, before the stack of cards is halved and moved. The next card after the card, it must be the one your friend first took.

Aside from that, you can also try a coin magic trick.

First, prepare two identical coins. But just show one to the audience. The other one you have pinched between the base between your thumb and forefinger of your left hand. Don’t forget your pinching left hand should be slightly sloped so that your thumbs are not visible.

In your right hand, show your coins and tell the audience that you will make it pierce your left palm. Pretend to find a soft spot so the coins can pass easily.

The coin in your right hand is actually not going to penetrate your flesh (yes, of course), you only need to pull the coin up, hidden behind your right palm. When the coin is pushed and the fingers of your right hand drop until it collides with the top of your left palm, that is the momentum where you pull the coin in your right hand with your thumb to hide behind your right palm.

Remove the coins that were pinched in the left hand from the beginning so that the coins fell through your hands!